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The SHAKTI Warriors Kit is comprised of a variety of integrated instructional components designed to engage students from 8-12 years old. It’s recommended to purchase one kit per classroom implementing the SHAKTI Warriors program. Components of the Kit are listed below:


• Lesson Plans
• Student Workbook(example)
• Board Game
• Posters
• Trading Cards(aka Hero Cards)
• Comic Books (set of 4)
• Embroidered Badges(example)
• Character Back Stories
• Lesson Plans

Board Game

Board Game

Probably the most favored component of our classroom kit! Facilitated by an adult, our SHAKTI Warriors' Board Game puts students in "real-world" scenarios and asks them, "What would you do?" Our board game provides a rare forum for teachers and coaches to listen, observe, and gain insights into how their students think and how they would act when confronted with challenging life situations. Our fun, action-packed board game provides pro-active coaching opportunities that reinforce character development education and healthy lifestyle literacy.


Lesson Plans

Our program uses experiential, cross-curricular lesson plans all of which are aligned with the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS) for English / Language Arts, Reading for Literacy and Informational Text, Writing, and Speaking and Listening, among others. Our Lesson Plans are designed to develop literacy about health issues, health, fitness, nutrition, anti-bullying strategies, internet-safety, social and emotional skills, and environmental awareness. The Lesson Plans use evidence-based prompting and reflective questioning techniques that encourage student self-reflection and application of knowledge. There are over 80 after school lesson plans that provide hands-on activities for students; these activities are fun, relevant to students' life experiences, based on 21st century themes and best of all... they are action-packed! Each one ranges in time between 10-45 minutes - depending on class size. All activities are based on the tenets of Shakti and her Warriors, and are categorized into four topic areas: Body, Mind, Heart, and Community.

Student Work Book

Student Work Book

Our workbook is a companion to the SHAKTI Warriors' website and mirrors the activities that take place online. Our workbook is ideal for schools that have limited access to the Internet. Thus, the workbook provides equal access for students who are from low, socioeconomic backgrounds and / or at-risk students. The workbook allows students to create their superhero’s avatar and write their backstories, which encompasses both the Super-HERO and Super-HUMAN powers they are working to develop in the SHAKTI Warriors' program. It provides point-tracking pages, which allows students to monitor the points they earn as they accomplish daily healthy lifestyle activities, as well as daily their reading in the online library.

NOTE: Only one color workbook per kit is provided. Black and white copies to be made from the full-color workbook.
8 count, 11 x 17 posters of our SHAKTI Warriors' superheroes. We encourage schools to display our posters in the school’s common areas in order to heighten student interest and “generate a school-wide buzz” about SHAKTI Warriors.



8 count, 11 x 17 posters of our SHAKTI Warriors' superheroes. We encourage schools to display our posters in the school’s common areas in order to heighten student interest and “generate a buzz” about the SHAKTI Warriors school-wide.

NOTE: Only one color workbook per kit - allowing for black and white copies to be made.

Comic Books

Comic Books

Our comic book series is being written by industry icon, Len Wein - creator of Marvel’s: X-Men, Storm, and Wolverine. Our story line is rich with ancient wisdom while remaining current to the relevant issues that today's youth face. As kids read the compelling backstories and digital comics written about the SHAKTI Warriors, they will observe our Warriors being confronted with real-world challenges and acting to resolve these challenges in ways that are positive and helpful to themselves and others.

NOTE: Our kit includes the SHAKTI Warriors' "original series" (The first four comic books explaining the origin of our SHAKTI Warriors).


Trading Cards

(AKA: Hero Cards) 80 count, 3" x 2.5" cards of the SHAKTI Warriors. These Hero Cards are provided to the teachers so they can award them to students they observe applying the skills developed / discussed in class to real-world situations. These cards should be used to encourage students to awaken the hero within them so their school becomes a community of value - built on mutual respect, and positive living.


SHAKTI Warriors –
Character Backstories

The Superheroes' biographies and their presence in the comic books represent the diverse socioeconomic, cultural, and racial cross-sections of our current global society. They embody the real-world personas for any youth… living anywhere.


Embroidered Badges

Kids love earning badges! Our beautifully embroidered badges are for teachers to hand out as students move up the ranks. Starting first with the center “SW” badge, your students will then earn the “R” (Recruit), “K” (SideKick), “H” (Hero) and then the “S”(Superhero) badge.

Note: Only one set will be provided per kit as an example. Individual sets of badges for each student can be purchased separately.


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