Research and Evaluation

The SHAKTI Warriors' Program was preliminarily assessed during the FY12 school year as a pilot program for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Beyond the Bell After School Program (BTB), the afterschool programming team for LAUSD, led the implementation during this pilot year. Research Support Services (RSS), a 3rd party evaluator for the Los Angeles UnifiedSchool District, led by Project Director, Steve Frankel, evaluated five schools for the initial multisite case study, which consisted of observations conducted by RSS’ team of evaluators. The instruments used were aligned to the standards-based indicators set by California’s: Before and After School Programs (BASPs). Students were predominantly observed interacting with the SHAKTI Warriors' program in classroom settings. However, the study also included interviews with the teachers / coaches and school administrators affiliated with the FY12 SHAKTI Warriors pilot. The final, culminating activity was also observed. This final event took place at an external location, and included the top six ‘Warriors’ from each of the five schools, as well as their teachers, coaches and administrators from the SHAKTI Warriors' program. The results from the FY12 pilot were used to drive the changes made to the SHAKTI Warriors' program in preparation for the FY13 implementation and additional evaluation.

Click HERE for the LAUSD’s FY13 Evaluation Abstract:

Data-driven enhancements:

Data-driven enhancements were made to every component of the SHAKTI Warriors program as a result of the FY12 evaluation, and were incorporated into the FY13 implementation, which increased to 18 elementary schools within the LAUSD, and included more than 420 participating students. An overview of some of these data-driven enhancements follows.

A professional development pre-service workshop was created and delivered on-site to all participating coaches, teachers and Site Coordinators from the Youth Development Project –the Beyond the Bell (BTB) teams responsible for leading the after-school programs within the LAUSD.

Webinars were implemented to support the teacher teams by answering programming, curriculum, and time-management questions. Teams shared best  practices, and real-time changes to the SHAKTI Warriors technological components were disseminated.

A holistically-aligned and S.A.F.E. evidence-based integration of all SHAKTI Warriors components: Lesson plans, Online Academy, Online KidsHealth articles and questions, the Board Game, and Comic Books are aligned to the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS), CASEL-supported, Illinois: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards, the National Health Education Standards (NHES), and state-specific Science Standards.



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