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Our Curriculum

Behavior Development Framework

Curriculum Components

Content Providers


Curriculum Components

Content Providers


SEL Industry Standards

Our proprietary Behavior Development Framework uses CASEL’s 5 SEL core competencies and infuses them with Educational Neuroscience concepts and approaches. All designed to address pain-based behaviors in the classroom.


CASEL’s 5 SEL Competencies

Behavioral Development Framework

Curriculum Components

The Power of Storytelling

Throughout history, stories have been used to help reach and teach children important cultural lessons. Together, Shakti and her Warriors use their powers to teach children how to defend against Chaos (a.k.a. adversity) in their homes, schools and communities.

Blended Learning

With our Online Gaming Platform (for the students) and a set of Hands-on-Learning Tools (for the teachers), engagement has never been so fun!

Online Gaming Platform

We blend tried-and- true gaming techniques with learning!

Hands-On Learning Tools

Lesson Plans – Workbook – Board Game – Comic Books – Trading Cards – Back Stores –  Badges

Our Lesson Plans

40 Lesson Plans – weaving Educational Neuroscience with Social and Emotional Learning. Blended Learning at it’s finest!


Educational Neuroscience


Our adorable ECHO is fascinated by the human brain. Why? Because he doesn’t have one. He’s here to help you share valuable knowledge about the brain such as: the Amygdala (“hot spot”), the Prefrontal Cortex (“power spot”), your stress response, and the importance of social connections to a students brain development.

“Being all about the brain… really starts with being all about the heart.”    Echo

Content Providers

Our Warriors are the urban, hip spokes-people for industry experts in the fields of educational neuroscience and educational psychology, mental well-being, and more. We encourage you to take a closer look at their informative work and research.

Dr. Lori Desautels

Educator, Author, PD Provider, Speaker, PhD Educational Neuroscience

Learn More

Dr. Michele Borba

Educator, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, PhD Educational Psychology

Learn More

Dara Feldman

Educator, Author, PD Provider, Speaker ASCD Faculty Member

Learn More

Speaking Engagements and Professional Development

If you are interested in bringing one of these passionate educators to your schools we can assist. Click Here.


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