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Professional Development

Educational Neuroscience PD

On-Site – Approx. 2 hours

New research gives way to new understanding and new approaches to help address behavior issues in the classroom.

“Trauma-informed classrooms. Compassionate schools. Safe and supportive schools. All different names to describe a movement that’s gaining momentum across the country. And it all boils down to this: Kids who are experiencing the toxic stress of severe and chronic trauma just can’t learn. It’s physiologically impossible.” Huffington Post

We’ve learned that too. We’d welcome the opportunity to share with you what we’ve learned from over 14+ years operating some of the largest (and smallest) school districts in the country.

Shakti Warrior’s Solution PD

On-Site – Approx. 2 hours

Although we strongly encourage On-Site PD whenever possible, we recognize timing and funding can sometimes stand in the way. Talk to us about what your needs are.

RatherĀ  On-Site or On-Line our PD covers the following:

  • SHAKTI Warriors Classroom Curriculum
    • SW Hands on Tools (SW Kit)
    • SW On-Line Curriculum (SW Academy)
  • SHAKTI Warriors Classroom Dashboards and Analytics